About STEP

STEP Education and Training Services Pvt. Ltd. is a premier Organization and focusing on New and Advance Techniques of Market with skill development , Food Technology , Research and Development projects by developing platforms for Market Demands and Skill Acquisition and Skill Enhancement.

kill Development Projects consists of basic and sophisticated infrastructure creation for skill development projects, Development of Relevant Qualifications that are respected and recognized by the Employers. We are at a critical moment for skill development. Against a period of prolonged global economic uncertainty, the traditional routes to learning, employment and career progression need to be challenged. Keeping Skill Development in mind, the STEP will play key roles like providing equity financing and enabling support services such as curriculum, faculty and their training, standards and quality assurance , technology platforms for innovative skill development initiatives. STEP will identify critical skill groups, develops models for skill development and also attract potential private players and provide support to these efforts. STEP works with the Corporate, Education Institutions, Colleges, Schools, Universities, Non Government /Not for Profit Organizations, Government Departments for Skill various Skill Development Projects.


STEP Education and Training Services Pvt. Ltd. Is an organization with an extensive network of professionals across the country and highly competent industrial/government relations/academia, for providing extensive solutions in the food, agriculture and hospitality and Other Manufacturing industry. The world-class services of the company also cover a broad specialization in technical market research and promotion. Our meticulous research tasks ensure the most innovative outcomes in the market promotion, market development, societal and market sponsorship. Besides these diverse specializations, we create the widest network of effective communications with marketing public relations, industry standard training solutions, representations, conferences, and quality education.

A number of significant references are available from us on numerous activities and projects accomplished by us over our 10 years of expertise. These are readily available for our clients whenever they wish for.

STEP Education and Training Services Pvt. Ltd. promoting by Mr. Anil Gautam who has years of experience in working with Industries, Academics and Consultancy.

We strongly believe that the service of nation can be done by providing the youth of the country an option to earn their living with dignity and respect and we made this our mission. We have collaborated with a number of government organizations to take up this mission and to provide affordable training avenues to the underprivileged youth. STEP Education and Training services Pvt. Ltd. has a number of self owned centers all across the country along with the government centers which are being operated in collaboration with government organizations and private franchise. We are proud to be a partner in the process of skills creation and empowerment of our youth, and hope our endeavors will assist in social inclusion becoming a reality in our nation.

About Vision-Mission

STEP Education and Training Services Pvt. Ltd. STEP Education and Training services Pvt. Ltd is committed to provide service as per commitment to their client. STEP employment to youth country by skill development in different skill domain.

To develop, STEP Education and Training services Pvt. Ltd

As a Brand of excellence for Education, Training, Investigation & Research

As a Knowledge Centre and Center of Excellence .

And a Centre for Development of Manpower for all segments of Operations.


STEP Education and Training services Pvt. Ltd is committed to provide best, relevant and time-bound service and support to Industry.

STEP Education and Training services Pvt. Ltd will maintain honesty, integrity, sincerity and service approach to business operators.

STEP Education and Training services Pvt. Ltd values its relationships and goodwill it has strived to build and is committed to maintain industry-first approach in all its dealings.